About Us

Elite Spectrum Care is a full service nanny and sitter agency specializing in assisting families with children on the autism spectrum. We understand that when we have autistic children we have to be cautious about the things we do and the way we go about our daily activities due the uniqueness of the situation at hand. Often times, because of this, many parents and families find it difficult to schedule in some “grown up” time or even to plan out certain family activities without having to worry about our children’s care, safety and overall well being.

Our goal is to bridge this gap, by providing outstanding nannies and sitters who are also autism professionals to care for you and your family. Elite Spectrum Care takes extreme delicacy and seriousness in selecting all of our nannies and sitters. We perform thorough background checks; employment and experience verification and we also provide personal interactions between the families and potential nannies or sitters. We see this method as means to allow the parents to meet and have face-to-face communication with a potential sitter to ensure that you are comfortable, your needs are being met and most of all, you have a say in selecting the person who you deem best to fit your families routines and situations.

Our doors are always open. Elite Spectrum Care’s basic principal is the age old saying, “It takes a village” and we will be with you every step of the way.  Whether you only need someone so that you can enjoy a night without the kids or you need assistance during the week to handle with school, therapy and errands; Elite Spectrum Care will be there. We are prepared to handle any situation. Including last minute emergencies, providing assistance during family travel and also stepping in if you or your spouses are under the weather.

If you believe Elite Spectrum Care is what you have been looking for, apply below. We would love to have you apart of our growing family.