Meet the Founder

Meet the owner, LaKeshia Wells.


I am a certified applied behavior analysis (ABA) therapist servicing children 18 and under on the autism spectrum. I’ve been working with children for 9 years and specifically with children on the autism spectrum professionally for 7 years.

After attending school for psychology, I relocated to Atlanta, GA where I had the opportunity to dive head first into the autism field. Not knowing what to expect, I immediately fell in love with helping children and families conquer autism. By being an in home therapist, I became privy to the day to day challenges that most families face with having a child who is autistic. Often times, we believe that life stops after therapy is over; however, I realized that there is still the need for growth, assistance and most of all trust amongst the family and the person their child spends the most time with after them, me.

Growing up, I was raised under the belief that “It takes a village to raise a child”. I still hold these beliefs today. If we are to ensure that we raise children to be the best that they can be, then it is up to us to work with the family and offer that special kind of love, support and time that is needed to do this. When you build a good foundation for a child to stand on, everything else will fall into place. By working in home, I saw that my place went well beyond therapy sessions and that I could also be of service to the parents by being able to offer quality babysitting services to them as well.

It was then, that I decided to establish Elite Spectrum Care. Understanding that parents with children on the spectrum may find it difficult to schedule some down time due to the sensitive nature of their child’s disorder, I saw that I could bridge a gap not only for the parents, but also for the child. Not only do I provide parents time to unwind, I also provide them with the comfort of knowing that an autism professional is the one being responsible for their child in their absence. Parents with children on the spectrum, want and need to know that they can be at peace, knowing the person keeping their child is not only responsible, but is also attentive, trustworthy and well versed in working with children on the spectrum.

Elite Spectrum Care has provided me a way to do this. I enjoy seeing the difference that is being made in the children’s lives and the family’s life as a whole. When children are around someone who understands them, they’re able to progress and communicate better. When this is reflected, the parents feel pleased knowing they’ve made the right decision by hiring a professional to care for their child. I believe that I can help families everywhere and give them the opportunities to do things that they may have given up on while caring for their child 24/7.

I strongly believe, “It takes a village” and Elite Spectrum Care will be there every step of the way.