If you feel that Elite Spectrum Care is the best solution for you and your family, the first step would be to apply with us. After your request is made, you will be given a consultation where all of your needs and questions shall be laid out and addressed. We like to encourage great communication with our clients, as we are responsible for providing the best caretaker possible for you. Elite Spectrum Care takes extreme delicacy during this selection process. We want to make absolute sure that your family is matched with the best professional who fits all of your needs.


After the initial consultation, we will use the data gathered to screen a number of nannies or sitters that we feel may be a great addition to your family. We will provide the best possible candidates to you and with your assistance, we will decide on who is the best fit. Rest assured, all of our nannies and sitters are experienced autism professionals who are also reliable and trustworthy. We do a complete and thorough background check on all of our nannies and sitters.  Our owner’s motto is, “If I wouldn’t want a person caring for my own family, I would not send them to care for yours.” Elite Spectrum Care is a family, and we treat everyone as such.


Once we have selected a nanny or sitter, we will then set up an interview and trial period for you to become acquainted. Do not worry; everything will be done at your convenience and with the best interest of the family in mind. As stated previously, we will be with you every step of the way.